Within the last few years, Americans have listed “fear of public speaking” as one of their greatest fears. If we can help children conquer this fear when they are young, imagine what these children can accomplish throughout their lives!

Already an adult? Don’t despair! The process that works for children also works for adults!

Programs can be developed for your particular needs. With experience across age levels and in a wide variety of situations, we are used to tailoring our work to match the needs of our clients! Call us to see what we can provide for YOU!

Kids as Storytellers

Storytelling is fun, and the skills involved in telling stories provide valuable, real-life benefits. In this workshop, beginning tellers discover how to choose a story, study its structure, and learn to tell their chosen story.  This process strengthens communication, reading and writing skills. Storytelling is an exciting way to support state learning standards!

In our media-oriented society, children are constantly exposed to visual images. Because storytelling involves no visual cues except gestures and body language of the storyteller, listeners’ imaginations must be engaged.

Storytelling benefits both tellers and listeners.

Storytelling Clubs: I Have a Story to Tell!

Storytelling clubs allow beginning tellers to safely develop storytelling skills. This workshop will share a proven system for introducing the art of storytelling to children, helping them to learn a story and tell it with confidence. Storytelling clubs can meet during lunch or before or after school. They can meet in school libraries, classrooms, or the public library. All it takes is a willing sponsor, a place to meet, and lots of imagination.

Letting Spiritual Stories Speak to You and Through You

Many stories have a spiritual context. This workshop will help participants develop stories for their own faith traditions and venues. It will be a journey of discovery as stories from life experience and religious traditions are explored.  The intent is to find story that resonates for each individual on his/her personal spiritual quest.

Telling Bible Stories

Of course Bible stories fit in sermons and Sunday School classes, but there are numerous other opportunities for using these stories. Stories can introduce hymns, illustrate children’s sermons, and enliven social gatherings.
Sunday School manuals often read “Tell the story in your own words,” but they never tell you how to do that! This workshop will give you a step-by-step process that will help you bring a story from ancient times alive for today’s listeners.

A Thread That Runs Through Time: Stories from History

Do you have a hero from history? Would you love to share your knowledge about that character?  This workshop will help you select a person or event from history and tell the story.

Storytelling: The Beginning of the Reading Rainbow

This workshop explores the pivotal role that storytelling can play in literacy development.  Techniques for using storytelling to motivate, inspire, and create meaning for students will be shared. Students of all ages can benefit from making connections between the spoken and the written word.

Why Write?

Storytelling can be a unique motivator for the creative process of writing.  As our first language, storytelling is superbly positioned to spark creative writing and develop written fluency. Techniques for tapping this powerful resource will be shared and demonstrated. A range of grade level appropriate activities can be tailored to your needs.