What Adults Say:

“Darlene and Larry have enchanted our children and adults with stories in our worship services and at special fellowship events.  Their workshops on telling Bible stories have helped our young people internalize the stories like no other activity. Their storytelling draws all ages into shared moments that are memorable well after the service or event has ended.”
–Pastors Douglas and Christine Meyer, Lincolnshire, IL

“Creative, innovative, intellectually stimulating, and child centered; these are a few of the words and phrases that I would use to describe the storytelling festival and curriculum developed by Darlene Neumann. As a fifth grade teacher I observed first hand the impact this experience had on our school community.”
–Lynn Hansen, 5th Grade Teacher, Sherwood School, Highland Park, IL

“Your workshop was extraordinary!”
–Larry Kelley, Storyteller

“When Darlene tells stories, her words wrap around you like a cozy blanket that keeps you warm all night long.”
–Anne Shimojima, Storyteller

“This afternoon we were treated to your fine, tasteful stories and song. You two are natural storytellers at and masters at building suspense. You held us spellbound and chuckling at your adopted princess story. We were intrigued and delighted by the Wright brothers story.”
–Edward and Edith H., Senior Living Center, MN

What Children Say:

“I like your stories. You made my brain grow.”
–William S., Kindergarten

“Kids should be taught not only how to read or play sports but also how to storytell. Storytelling builds up confidence in yourself that really can pay off when you are older. You just have to be confident in YOURSELF! I’m ready for the WORLD!”
–Carley, Grade 6

“Why write? Writing stories is a way to make the impossible, possible.”
–Grace K, Grade 8