“Why Listen to Stories?”

Stories make our lives complete by. . .


Celebrating the Art of Storytelling at Festivals
Illinois Storytelling Festival
Festival of Stories, Belleville, IL
Hart of the Tale
Sherwood Elementary School Annual Storytelling Festival

Developing our understanding
Science and Arts Academy
Storytime Live: Saturday Mornings with Preschoolers
Oak Terrace Elementary School
Pleasantdale Middle School
Northside College Prep High School
Wright Center for Science Education at Tufts University, Boston, MA
National Storytelling Network
Northlands Storytelling Network
Milwaukee Catholic Home

Crossing Boundaries
Hong Kong International School
Taipei American School in Taipei
Hindu Celebration, Mumbai, India

Nourishing the soul and feeding the spirit
Lutheran Church of the Holy Spirit
Lyonsville Congregational United Church of Christ
Holy Family School of Chicago

Refreshing our senses
Chicago Botanic Garden
Heller Nature Center