Programs and Stories by Two Voices

Inspiration or Perspiration? The Wright Brothers

Orville and Wilbur Wright didn’t invent powered flight on their own – they had the support of their sister, mother and father. Share in the fascinating story of that momentous project and listen to the story in an original song written by the Neumanns, entitled “They Flew.”  Find the human stories and the everyday events that made these brothers who they were.

Silly Stories and Even Sillier Songs

Our stories involve and entertain the younger set. Stories are interspersed with finger plays, movement, and participation. Folk songs spark fun and add dimension to the program.

Parable Sundaes

Church services need something special for the kids and our treats serve up just the right recipe for fun and wholesome stories.

You Can’t Make This Stuff Up! Stories of Family and Friends

Family stories from the farm in southern Illinois and the rollicking adventures in suburbia can be matched to your serious or hilarious needs.

Immigrations and Generations

With stories of growing up as an immigrant child, even though she was third generation American, Darlene has an unique perspective on family traditions in a German speaking household. Even though Larry is second generation American, his experience was a much more Americanized distance from his German background.  The stories of both households are sprinkled with German phrases and wisdom.

World Folk Tales Reimagined

Larry and Darlene tell their own versions of folk tales from Europe, Asia and the far corners of the world. Drawing upon their extensive world travels, they mix story and song to share glimpses of the exotic and the universal. Both original music as well as folk songs enrich these stories.